Beyond the Microscope

Content Creation


Let us help you visualize your pharmacological mechanism of action. We will actualize your novel molecule, illuminate the binding site, and follow the cellular pathway; all while illustrating the biological effect on the body.

Disease progression occurs on all biological levels. Help educate your audience visualizing disease states and the progression of disease.

Medical Device rendering

Having invested so much on the research and development of your medical device, showcase all that it is made of. Start with the material science, how it’s crafted and then demonstrate its functionality and describe its health benefits. Turn your data into a realized product demonstration.

AR | VR | MR | Reality

Using new tools for presentation, immerse your audience with 360 video and virtual environments. We will work with you to create experiences that cannot be communicated in desktop or mobile alone.

Data Visualization

Let us work together to turn your data into engaging interactive graphics.

Biomedical Communication / Visualization

Blending Discreet Disciplines

science, design and technology


Scientific Researcher

Biomedical education and work experience in the healthcare industry helps us parter with you to find solutions for your visualization needs.


Creative Director

Exploring creative and visually interesting solutions to solve your business goals



Exploring technical solutions to promote your product

Our Work

Art and Science to deliver your message

Using rigorous research and partnering with your ideas we aim to create the most compelling most educational imagery.


& Figures


3D Animation Process

  • Research & Development. Product scientific literature-
  • Stylistic Look and Feel. Creative branded emotive feeling-
    • Decisions on level of detail. influencers of production cost-
  • Character Sheet. Object needed to be created-
  • - Modeling
  • - Lighting
  • - Animating
    • - character
    • - camera
  • - Rendering
  • Editing-
  • Motion Graphics-
  • Final Effects-
  • Sound design-
  • Syncing voice-over-

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