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Content creation, development and implementation

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Medical Animation & Illustration

Medical Animation and medical illustration are our specialties. Target a specific audience with a strong visual impact. Medical illustration has a long history of specialized study combining medicine, art, and the last few decades technology.  The level of detail may be of gross anatomy or may view the cellular or molecular levels. See here for more on the process.   

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Icon for mechanism of action and mechanism of disease medical animation section



Let us help you visualize your pharmacological mechanism of action. We will actualize your novel molecule, illuminate the binding site, and follow the cellular pathway; all while illustrating the biological effect on the body.
Disease progression occurs on all biological levels. Help educate your audience visualizing disease states and the progression of disease.

Virus infection cellular view

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Web Development

Your web presence is your audience's first introduction to your brand and product. We can help develop your presence starting with your brand strategy. The consultation is followed with User Experience wireframes to preplan before anything is built. From there we can integrate systems and build your frontend and backend to the planned objectives.  

Medical_Device art rendering and visualization

Medical Device rendering

Having invested so much on the research and development of your medical device, showcase all that it is made of. Start with the material science, how it’s crafted and then demonstrate its functionality and describe its health benefits. Turn your data into a realized product demonstration.

Data Visualization

Data Visualization / Technical visualization

Let us work together to turn your data into engaging interactive graphics.

Biomedical Communication / Visualization

Blending Discreet Disciplines

science, design and technology


Scientific Researcher

Biomedical education and work experience in the healthcare industry helps us parter with you to find solutions for your visualization needs.

Certified medical illustrator


Creative Director

Exploring creative and visually interesting solutions to solve your business goals




Exploring technical solutions to promote your product

VR technology

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Some factors to include:

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  • Run time.  A large factor for production time and cost. 30secs ad vs. 3 minute video
  • How many shots are needed to tell the story? While we will help you with the storyboards and create the shots for you. Please include what your vision is for what you want to cover. How many variables, objects, characters, players are in the scene.
  • How complex is of each variable. Research and development are needed for a highly complex mechanism of action We always create our molecular models from peer-reviewed sources.
  • Timeframe to launch. Some jobs are urgent and have a specific launch date, eg. a conference presentation. How close to launch is it?
  • Rendering style. While we always aim for great style, some projects may be most effective with flat color rather than photorealistic                
  • Scope and Revisions. Design is an iterative process and there may be review boards and legal departments to pass the material through. We can work with your project manager or help you through the project timeline.                

  • Line
  • Fully rendered
  • Color or Black and White
  • Spot illustration
  • Fullpage ad
  • Website
  • Who is your audience?
  • What is the message you need to convey?
  • What are you trying to communicate?

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