Endonasal Approach to Tumor Resection Medical Animation

This animation shows the traditional open surgical approach to a skull base tumor, which is in a difficult location to reach that way; it then shows how an endonasal approach through the head’s natural cavities is not only less invasive but also allows direct access to the tumor with minimal trauma to surrounding blood vessels and nerves.

This animation was created for Weill Cornell Medical College: Department of Neurological Surgery

Endonasal Approach to Tumor Resection from Biochromatic on Vimeo.

Sphenoidal Sella Turcica
Sphenoid Sella turcicia. With illustrative transparency the internal carotid artery and the ophthalmic artery can be seen.
Endonasal approach: medical illustration
The Endoscopic Endonasal Approach (EEA) surgical technique is used to remove tumors and lesions in the brain. Surgeons can extract lesions of the skull base by operating through the nose and sinuses. Though less invasive the small area is very delicate as the optic tract, optic nerves, and internal carotid arteries converge in this small area.