3D micro-tissue Cellular Metabolism Medical Illustration

The liver performs thousands of essential physiological processes including the detoxification of chemicals, metabolism of nutrients, and secretion of bile.  Anatomically, the liver consists of lobules that have an intricate network of blood vessels and bile ducts running adjacent to them.  Blood from the gastrointestinal organs flows through a central venous sinus and permeates through the endothelium to the functional cells of the liver, namely hepatocytes and Kupfer cells, before entering the systemic circulation.

This illustration depicts the complex cellular anatomy of a liver lobule in a proprietary chimeric human/animal tissue culture.  A 3D model was used to show how the living cell culture emulates the functionality of a real human liver in in vitro biomedical and pharmacological studies, thereby delivering an in vivo result without animal or human testing. 

Sketch phase of medical illustration
layout design of medical illustration
full 3d rendered medical illustration

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