Judging Webapp Portal

The Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI) meets annually for the AMI conference. During the conference, artists submit works of various types to the salon. The media range from physical books and physical 3D models to Digital interactive (web-based, VR, AR, and various game engines) and animations. To judge these topics a selections of jurors are assigned topics in their specialty. This prejudging app allows the judges to view the entries remotely and keep a calculation.

The User Experience(UX) and User interface (UI) was created with Adobe XD. The Progressive Web App(PWA) used a MERN stack minus the R. MongoDB Express and Node JS.

User Experience design (UX)
User Experience design for AMI portal. Tool used: Adobe XD
UI design AMI portal
User interface of the Association of Medical Illustator’s Prejudging Portal (PWA)